Useful Resources

General Resources:

Hardware vendors:

  • Mod My Pi a great range of Pi cases and other accessories
  • run by the charismatic “lady Ada”, a good source of all sorts of electronic hackery for your Pi
  • CJE Micros a source of connectors, expansion boards and the like
  • Proto-PIC UK dealer for various bits including some adafruit stuff
  • HobbyTronics general electronics dealer with a raspberry Pi section
  • PiBorg makers of the LEDBorg multi-colour LED, and an upcoming robot motor controller

Development Tools:

  • MobaXterm ssh client with graphical X display capabilities, and much more
  • Check unit test framework for C development
  • The git version control system
  • Yagarto, a GNU toolchain for cross-compiling ARM code on Windows
  • MingW, a GNU toolchain for compiling code to run on Windows
  • MingW, a GNU toolchain and unix-like environment for Windows


  • Baking Pi Operating Systems Development in ARM assembler

Software examples and projects:

Related, similar, or just plain interesting blogs

Books and ebooks:

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