Problem with the new Raspberry Pi Compute board

I suppose it’s what you get for being an early adopter, but today I received a slightly worrying email from Farnell:

Important Product Information for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module Development Kit

Replacement Display and Camera Adapter Boards

Please be aware that there is a fault with the display and camera adapter boards included as part of the Raspberry Pi Compute Module Development Kit. The adapter boards do not function correctly, and may damage the camera module when connected.

We are working with the product designers to produce a new set of display and camera adapters which will be posted to you free of charge. In the meantime, we recommend that you do not attempt to use the adapters with a camera module.

Please note: These issues are isolated to the display and camera adapter boards only. The Raspberry Pi Compute IO Board and Compute Module are unaffected by this fault, therefore you can continue to use them in the design of your application.

Luckily, I haven’t attempted to connect either of my camera modules to the Compute module development board yet. I guess I should wait for a bit.

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