Another university visit – Loughborough

Not much of a blog today, as I have spent the whole day travelling. Either driving the 150 miles each way from home to Loughborough University, or walking (and more walking) round what they claim is the largest university campus in Europe. It certainly felt that way!

As well as visiting general facilities (Students’ Union, accommodation, the lovely new library etc.) my daughter and I spent time in the Computer Science and Electronics departments, which was very interesting. Unlike Reading, which we visited last week, Computing and Electronics are kept very separate, Electronics lives with other engineering disciplines, as well as physics and maths, at one end of the campus, while Computer Science is over a km away, almost at the other end. They seem equally far apart organisationally. Despite the overlap of course content (The Computer Systems Engineering course includes software, for example, while the Computer Science course includes AI and robots) neither department seemed at all interested in the other. This is a shame, as otherwise the university seems a lovely place, with a very high student satisfaction score and good academic and career prospects too.

This choosing a university lark is not as simple as it seems :(

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