MoPi: mobile and flexible powers supply for Raspberry Pi

Over the last few days I have been reading quite a bit about the MoPi: Mobile and 24/7 Power for the Raspberry Pi. I have had an email conversation with Hamish Cunningham and seen it mentioned in several places. The Kickstarter campaign for this clever little board is coming to an end, so I thought I’d add my voice encouraging people to take a look and help reach the next stretch goal before the kickstarter closes. This is, of course, slightly self-interested – as a backer myself, every stretch goal reached adds value to the money I have already pledged ;)

Obviously I have not had a board to look at and play with yet, but it certainly looks interesting “on paper”. I’m particularly taken with the ability to hot-swap power sources, to keep it running even while changing batteries, and the fact that it is slim enough to fit inside most ordinary Raspberry Pi cases. I also like the way that it provides easy access to the main GPIO pins, so it can be used relatively easily in conjunction with other boards and connectors. I’ve certainly moaned about that several times!

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