Building a “prototino” Arduino clone

In an attempt to get back into blogging about my Raspberry Pi and microcontroller projects I have been looking through my collection of parts and kits, to see what I can make, or at very least assemble. One of the kits I bought a few months ago was a “prototino“. This is essentially an Arduino squashed on to the end of a bit of prototyping board (hence the name, I guess).

Prototino before assembly

The kit of parts is pretty minimal, a PCB, a socketed AVR controller, a crystal and some bits and bobs (resistors, capacitors and an LED). The kit also provided a voltage regulator, but I held off from fitting that at the moment, as I’m likely to power the board with pre-regulated 5V from some other component, such as a raspberry Pi!

Prototino after assembly


Once assembled, the board is pretty neat, and fits comfortably in an Altoids tin. Now I just need to work out what to do with it…

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