Is it possible to have too many microcontrollers?

It recently occurred to me that I have been accumulating microcontroller development boards for a while, so I thought I’d lay them out for a photo!

Microcontroller development boards

Reading left to right, top to bottom you can see:

The trouble is I keep spotting new ones and being tempted to buy them too!


  1. LOL, that’s even bigger (just) than my collection. Those digistumps are quite cute, remind me of the Minimus USB (I bought 10 when the 8KB versions were available at £4 each – since sold out).

    No PIC hardware yet? ;-)
    There’s also the Launchpad boards – I’ve been tempted by the low price, but I’ve already got more hardware than I’ve got time to play with (e.g. ), so I’ve decided to stop trying to buy new boards for a while.

    • “more hardware than I’ve got time to play with” is exactly my feeling. I have looked at the Launchpad boards, particularly as this blog post has a project which seems quite a lot like what I need for my bat detector; PICs are intriguing but I’m not sure I would know where to start; and then there’s all the other PSOC chips …

      That’s even without considering combination boards such as Parallela and Udoo.

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