Back from an Easter break

Just a relatively short post this time, as I ease myself back into the blogging habit. In case you are interested; since my last post I have been travelling round the South West of the UK with my family, spending time with friends and relations along the way. Very pleasant to have a break, but the lack of internet was a killer – I came home to a mountain of emails and blog posts to read.

Meanwhile I am continuing with my attempts to get ultrasonic signals into my Raspberry Pi for processing. Before I left at Easter I had bought a different Freescale board, the K20D50M. This is obviously from the same stable as the KL25Z I have been playing with, but offers more power, mainly due to the use of a Cortex M4 MCU rather than the Cortex M0+ on the KL25Z. The M4 runs at a slightly faster clock rate, but the key thing for my purposes is that it also has a lot of DSP instructions which should provide a huge speed up of my frequency-domain calculations.

I have had this board for at least a month, so I was a little surprised to see it announced as a new product today on twitter!

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