@RSElectronics #bluePi contest ideas

I guess a lot of people in the Raspberry Pi community will have seen the RS Electonics Birthday “Blue Pi” contest. The idea is that people tweet their ideas of interesting things they want to do (or are working on doing) with Raspberry Pi, and the most interesting ones will win a special, limited edition, blue Raspberry Pi board. I’m a sucker for these kinds of contests, so I have already submitted several entries. Just to keep my ideas straight I plan to put all my suggestions on this page. If you have been following along with this blog, many of these ideas may seem familiar…

Unlike most of my blog posts, this one will probably change after it is written. Feel free to come back later if you are interested, to see if I have thought of any more!

  • digital recording and frequency-shifting ultrasonic bat detector
  • a node in an ad-hoc mesh of clients/servers for an open massively multiplayer text adventure game
  • to develop a new operating system and programming language inspired by the works of Charles “Chuck” Moore
  • to control a USB foam rocket launcher and shoot at colleagues
  • attach to an RFID reader and place in a model car; make a game where the “layout” is made from passive cards and tags
  • make an alarm-clock switch using conductive fabrics so it won’t turn off until you remove your duvet from the bed
  • add a real-time clock and use it as an NTP and DHCP server for a local network of other Raspberry Pis
  • secretly measure and log hamster wheel activity when I’m not there. If I enter the room he stops and looks out at me
  • a programmable test harness so I can write “unit tests” for programs that control hardware
  • make an algorithmic music generator with a MIDI output, teach it a 12-bar progression, and play the #bluePi blues
  • an IR sensor or two, some surplus remote controls, a bit of software and we’ve got our own gameshow!
  • mount on the back of a small TV panel, software to display inverted text and a 45deg half-mirror make a teleprompter
  • a “human readable” local network of Raspberry Pis talking to each other by flashing and watching morse code
  • the small size and generous memory, processing and comms facilities would make a great drain and tunnel mapping robot

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