Finally got my bluetooth keyboard working

When I set up this blog, I made a commitment to myself that it would not be just a “link blog” where I note down interesting pages, articles and sites I have found in my travels around the web. I have another blog which pretty much covers that function, even though I have been busier here of late.

However, today I really must post a link. Thanks to the comprehensive and precise steps posted by C Theroux I have finally got my tiny bluetooth keyboard working with my Raspberry Pi.


As you can see from the picture, it’s not much bigger than the Pi itself. I had honestly given up on trying to get it working, having already wasted several evenings trying one thing after another, so I am overcome with thanks to C Theroux.

As a test, I connected my HDMI TV and logged in with the bluetooth keyboard, then started the “snake” program from python games. My reactions are too slow, and the keys too fiddly for me to make much progress, but the two teens were all over it. Who needs an Xbox or Wii when you can connect a little wireless keyboard to a Raspberry Pi?

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