Frustrating day – need to get more organised

In some ways I’m surprised this hasn’t happened sooner. I have been trying various things with my Raspberry Pi and with my OS and language designs on and off all day, but not made any reportable progress on any of it. The code for the FORTH-like “problem oriented language” is still flailing as I change my mind about what it should be, and so has nothing usable yet. My jiffy-bag full of expansion hardware just glowers at me, and my attempts at configuring a Linux Pi to sit on a disconnected local network are becoming very hard to test when the only way I have of logging in is by connecting it to my router. I’m also really feeling the limitation of the GPIO header only really allowing one third-party device to be plugged in at one time. As a Raspberry Pi developer community we really need to find a way to overcome this.

Worst of all, I have now become hopelessly confused as to what is on the heap of SD cards I have on my desk. I’m pretty sure which one is my scratchpad for the bare metal code experiments, but what state I have left the others I’m not at all sure.

I have decided to get some 6mm round sticky labels something like this, and label up the cards I can find (and also the ones I have hanging around in cameras and such, I don’t want to risk overwriting those).

I’m also worried that I might also end up losing some important piece of hardware or paperwork, so I have decided to be more organized with it all. Hardware in some transparent plastic boxes, paperwork in a labelled file and so on.

I hope tomorrow will be more productive and more inspiring.

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