New Toys!

Aha! the new toys I ordered have arrived. Two new Raspberry Pi boards, two ModMyPi “gamble” cases, and some miscellaneous hardware.

New Toys
The two new Raspberry Pis are both 512MB “revision 2” boards with mounting holes, and I have already fixed them snugly in their new cases. The cases which arrived were black top/red bottom, and white top/blue bottom. Both look neat, especially the blue and white one, as these are the colours of our local football team.

The rest of the bits I ordered are, from left to right: a collection of jumper leads for easy wiring, a “slice of pi/o” board to provide 16 more IO pins, a LED Borg high intensity multicolour LED, and a small solderless breadboard.

I know I haven’t even assembled the first breakout board I bought a while ago, but I have recently found a box of old bits from when I used to do a bit of hobby electronics, and I’m intrigued to see if I can bring any of them back to life.

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