I just noticed a new crop of Raspberries

I was just browsing around the Raspberry Pi area of farnell.com and saw that the new crop of Raspberries have 512MB of RAM. This is twice the amount in my original “Model B” (and theoretically four times the amount in the “Model A”). I can’t see why anyone would want the Model A – have any ever been sold? My trusty old board is looking a bit long in the tooth now. It doesn’t even have the holes for screw mounting, so it rattles about in its little box. I know I don’t really need another one, but it is so tempting.

On a similar note, I also took a look at some of the more recent cases. I have a plain white early model case from ModMyPi but the newer ones have screw mounting holes, as well as a few other openings for ribbon cables and so on. best of all, their GAMBLE Mix N’ Match Raspberry Pi Case is only £2.99 + VAT.

GAMBLE Mix N' Match Raspberry Pi Casefrom ModMyPi

GAMBLE Mix N’ Match Raspberry Pi Case from ModMyPi

That’s it, I’m going to order some more toys!

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