Cambridge Raspberry Jam

Just a quick post today to report that I want along to the Cambridge Raspberry Jam today. Many thanks to Michael Horne for arranging it!

This was my first “jam”, so I was not sure what to expect. It turned out to be a kind of one-day conference, with a sequence of presentations separated by a bit of time to explore some table displays and chat with their creators. The talks and the tables were all interesting and inspiring, with a recurring theme of using Raspberry Pi and Arduino together to gain the advantages of both.

I was surprised how many of the “celebs” of the Raspberry Pi world were there. As well as Michael Horne there was Eben and Liz Upton, Gert van Loo and Dave Akerman. I also had nice chats with the folks from Ciseco, AberSailbot and several others.


The most significant thing for me about this event was that it re-inspired me. I want to do some more stuff with my Raspberry Pi, and to get back into the habit of blogging about it. Over the last few months I seem to have been distracted by other things, and a lot of my Raspberry Pi-related projects have languished in a state of partial completion. I am determined to make more progress, and finish writing the many blog posts I have in my imaginary queue.

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